Thursday, June 19, 2014

What a lovely collection of baking needs, LoLo, you're saying.
Thank you, I reply. Then begins the grumbling.....

You see...I don't have things all assembled on my counter because I'm baking here today...or tomorrow...or the next day. No.  We ran out of propane AGAIN.  This is the 4th time since January. 

I live in Michigan, which recorded its' coldest winter on record this past winter.  Normally, we burn wood in our wood burner in addition to the gas from the propane tank. Well, the man didn't want to spend the extra money to buy wood...and wouldn't you know it, propane companies decided to quintuple the price of propane...we used way more gas than in years past, and at a super high rate...
You get the picture.
So, as we're sitting on an exorbitantly huge propane bill to repay, AND an empty tank, and the man says that we're not buying any more propane.
And I have baking orders to fill...and a LOT of them...

My boss to the rescue!!  Our office happens to be in a building with an upper AND lower apartment, which are both currently empty,  and the basement apartment has (drum-roll please) a gas oven!!  So last night, I triple checked my recipes, procedures and tools needed for the job ahead, assembled all, packed everything into 3 totes, and loaded up the car.  Drove 15 miles to work this morning, and unloaded all down the steps and into the basement apartment, where, after my shift this morning, I will begin the process of baking 8 dozen cupcakes and making fondant decorations. 

I am still totally peeved that I can't do this at home...HOWEVER...I am focusing that energy today on being grateful that I have a boss that is generous enough to offer the facilities in the basement for me to use.  Also eternally grateful that I am physically able to traverse the stairs, as there are those who cannot. 

I am overflowing with gratitude. 

Find your gratitude today, my friends. <3

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